Top Art Trends 2022

With the explosive popularity of NFTs and the Crypto Art world, it may come as a surprise that "Nature-Inspired" art is listed as one of the top art trends for 2022. "While many 2022 art trends focus on technology, there's also a counter-trend for nature-focused artworks," Eden Gallery reports. "Nature has always been a popular theme in art as a form of escapism from the stress of modern city life. Artists seek reconnection with the natural world and offer audiences some much-needed escapism from the confines of their living rooms." 

It makes sense, after two years of confinement that a new appreciation for the great outdoors would be reborn and brought into the home -- as Alex Liepman, founder and CEO of DROOL Art, tells The Zoe Report. She notes that blues like the hues of the sky on a sunny day will be big for 2022, especially when paired with lighter blues or sea green tones.

Also unsurprisingly, due to the same conditions of the past two years, people are looking for pieces that bring joy to their lives and spaces. Here we may see bright colors, pop art, and fun art that delight and uplift.

My nature-inspired selections to boost and brighten:








Top art trends for 2022:

  1. Crypto Art
  2. Public Art
  3. Appreciation for Nature
  4. Contemporary African Art
  5. Neon
  6. Uplifting Art
  7. Minimalist Art 

What trends are you most interested in this year?