The Story Behind My “Wet” Series

Sometimes I get inspired in the moment. Sometimes I wander into nature and look for inspiration. And sometimes, I get a spark of inspiration to create a compilation.

This was one of those moments for me. It was a hot, humid summer with the family and it seemed natural to me that I would gravitate towards wanting to capture the refreshment of cool, clear water. 

My love of water started before I could walk. Living with a lake behind my childhood home, Mom and I frequently played “down at the beach," complete with spontaneous picnics. Whether it is a swimming pool, lake, river, or ocean, there is just no substitute for the calming influence of water in my life. And I’ve found that most people share this feeling. That’s not to say water can’t be stormy sometimes, and I love the power behind sets of waves that scatter even the most talented surfers.

But then, we all know that water, like people, has many faces. My “Wet” Collection captures them.

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