The Art of the Unexpected

When decorating your home, you might search 1000's of photos that all start to look...the same. Abstract paintings, poster art, neutrals: popular trends these days to be sure. But do you really buy art to be just like everyone else?

One of my greatest joys in photographing my subjects is capturing a perspective that most of us might miss or take for granted. Giving a new spotlight on the unnoticed can provide that slight edge in a composition that catches one's eye or turns a head. Take these five photographs of mine in situ: do you see what might typically go unseen? 

"Alien" strikes a different pose than one might expect in room full of soft neutrals.

"Flow" adds an abstract feel that glistens off the wall.

"Butterfly" demands a closer look: what exactly are we looking at?

Who would expect a tryptique of... "Jellies"?

The ultimate edgy twist: memorializing a wilting bloom after its prime, as "Elder" does here.

 Would you hang something unexpected in your home? Make a statement with the un-obvious.