Research Shows Photos of Nature Make Us Happy

Of course I knew this, and it’s at the core of why I do art photography: by sharing my photos of nature I hope to spread joy. 

But if we’re going to get technical about it… a recent study has uncovered evidence that nature really does make us happy. The study provides global evidence of the “biophilia hypothesis” — the theory that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. 

Conducted by the National University of Singapore, a team used AI to analyze over 30,000 photos on social media. They found that certain hashtags considered “happy” and “relaxed” such as #vacations or #fun were more likely to contain elements of nature.

Additionally, they found that those photos tagged #fun tended to be taken in countries that are more highly ranked in the World Happiness Report of 2019.

Don’t you love that? When we’re happy and we know it, we show nature.