Real Life Art: Arrangements by Natasja Sadi

Color me stunned when I first discovered the incredible flower arrangements by Natasja Sadi, Amsterdam baker, cake decorator, and talented florist to boot. It is almost unbelievable that her creations via Instagram are real-life, as the precision and hues seem only possible in the art of the great Dutch masters. And yet for me, it further confirms the undeniable beauty of our natural world. 

Shot against a dark background, the vivid palettes spring forth from your screen like bursts of color and light, each bloom both delicate and individually powerful. I particularly love the variations of texture and volume she mixes in that create depth and visual interest.

Since spring has ended she has been closing out her amazing tulip arrangements, and I am excited to see what florals she’ll continue to bring in for summer!


See more of her creations at !