How to Create a Gallery Wall

The art of the gallery wall... my tips for creating a gallery wall you'll love.

It doesn't take a designer to plan out the art in your home for you. While one large focal point is always a winner, if you'd like to cultivate that collected feel, a grouping of prints is a fun solution. It allows you to swap pieces out as you like, and the arrangement becomes more flexible for different rooms or houses in the future. If you're not sure where to start, here are a few golden rules to follow: 

Tip #1 Create a color theme with images that have a similar color palette.

To avoid your wall looking cluttered and unorganized, you can unify the pieces together with a color theme.

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Tip #2 Mix different sizes and orientations.

Even if you only have a few in your formula, you can mix and match size and orientation to create an interesting arrangement.

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Tip #3 Start in the middle with larger prints, then fan out to either side and taper off.

This is definitely one of those decorator tricks to try! The balance comes from the heaviness of weight and height in the center, getting lighter and leaner on the edges. It still creates a sense of oneness despite the many parts.

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But most of all, have fun with it! YOU should love it.