Five Winter Blooms

The winter solstice is in full effect with colder days ahead before we get to break into spring. During this time, you may be feeling the blues, but take heart because there are beautiful blooms that can give you a new perspective in the darker months to come.




Roses, particularly white roses, are a popular winter flower because they bring year-round beauty, and with proper tending in your garden, can survive harsh winter conditions. There is something about a white rose that visually represents 'eternity' and 'purity' like the cleansing away and rebirth that occurs this season.

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Calla lilies, with their elegant white trumpeted form, are another popular winter flower often in winter weddings. Understated, they symbolize a sophistication and strength in this darkest time of the year. Their inward curling form to me represents a sense of reflection and inner peace as we all naturally pause this season.

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Lilies come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes and generally symbolize fresh life and rebirth. While yellow lilies represent playfulness and are perfect for summer sun, a red lily stands for love, an orange for warmth, and pink for joy. Aren't they all sentiments you'd like to conjure up any time of year?

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Like a long awaited return, phalaenopsis orchids generally bloom in the winter or very early spring. They make for the perfect winter bloom as they are one of the longest blooming in the orchid family with flowers that last two to six months. Historically, because they are exotic and require a certain level of care, they are highly coveted and represent luxury and grace.

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Gerbera daisies may seem like a surprising winter flower because of their bright sun-shiny shades, but that's exactly what makes them so popular during the cold, drab dreary winter months. They're also particularly hardy, and cut stems can last in a vase of water for weeks. Look to these blooms as inspiration to shine the brightest in any room.

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What are your favorite flowers in winter? What do they represent for you?